History as a labor of love

A tailor may search a thread from its frayed end to the where it begins on the garment in order to mend it without worry. This is what the personality of a history enthusiast looks like. Along the way, passing through their fingers as they guide the thread and turn the cloth, are bits of information they must decide, sometimes with very little information to go on, where to file for future reference. Plying the thread, picking off information, filing sticky notes on sticky notes in file folders on hangers in drawers. In all likelihood, no one will ever read what the history enthusiast has so painstaking compiled, organized, formed into shareable, readable, and sometimes insightful information. Yet they forge on, an insatiable love no less urgent than that of a runway fashion designer.

History as a weapon

It may be strange to some to think of history as a weapon, but we must remember that people much smarter than I (pictured above) have coined phrases to just that effect. For instance, “To the victor goes the spoils,” can be taken to include social influence, common knowledge, educational material, etc. In short, whoever controls the available information does indeed control history. History can be taught in such a way as to persuade entire nations of their heritage, birthright, entitlements, or whole segments of a society of their vile and corrupt tendencies through their bloodline. History can be taught, shared, explored in such a way as to portray villains as saints and vice versa. History is taught through words. Although “…words will never hurt me,” may be a cute child’s rhyme to stave off the pain of verbal bullying, it does not pass the muster when a person of authority or distinction is responsible for conveying the truth of the past to the decision makers of the future.

History as a tool

One of the first things a person might notice is that the profiles featured at Globally Inspired are mainly of women from history. This is because the creators of Globally Inspired are using history as a tool to put women into the conversations of human history, into the discussion of heroic feats, the daring-do conversations of the people who carried humanity forward from a past full of so much pain and suffering it was beyond heroic to make it to where we are today. It would have been impossible to get here without the countless contributions and sacrifices of women, and that fact is often absent from our standard history books. Another thing a reader will notice is that Globally Inspired is Global – we feature biographies of people all around the world.

History as a biography

History can become a rather daunting discipline when mired down in geography and time, but adding faces to the mix turns the study of history into a relatable drama more easily digested.

History as a bridge

From one generation to the next, or perhaps a few generations later on, history indeed repeats itself. Knowing what it takes to face the highs and lows of life can not hurt, in fact a little guidance would be helpful. History is a bridge for traversing those recurring and unavoidable human experiences.

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