Book Review of Humanity’s Grace

A review of Huamnity’s Grace by Dede Montgomery – a book that totally surprised me as I am not one to enjoy reading short stories. Humanity’s Grace, though, is a book of linked short stories I literally could not put down.

Humanity’s Grace is an arresting abstract painting of words. It’s no less than creative brilliance the way Dede Montgomery blends this murder mystery with all manner of human frailty and triumph. This collection of linked short stories reads much like a novel with its in-depth exposure of each character’s inner struggle and heroic realization (and there are more than enough characters to keep the reader interested). Humanity’s Grace also reads like a genre fiction as the reader is compelled throughout the book to wonder whodunit.

In fifteen chapters, 117 pages, Humanity’s Grace is an accent light on the lives of interconnected people who may or may not know each other yet whose paths cross in ways perhaps only the reader sees, perhaps the characters see, but all is exposed delicately, humanely, graciously. Each character is wholly interesting and fully human. Montgomery’s writing is so precise, engaging, and compelling as to render each page a masterpiece.

Humanity’s Grace is a book of linked short stories, it’s a literary novel, it’s a murder mystery. Humanity’s Grace is an abstract painting of words which may defy definition.

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