You Never Know

Looking under rocks, atop mountain peeks, and even among the tree tops for inspiration is a pretty common thing for adventurers, artists, and creatives of all stripes. In all the years since I’ve been on the internet (since it’s inception), I’ve never written a personal blog. Why is that? I’m a writer – I have a writer’s portfolio, writer friends, a books page of favorite tombs I’ve read, more than one history blog, but never a personal blog. So much fear, I suppose. I had a great fear of putting myself out there.

Oregon Junco in the branches.

Where is that fear now?

Quite honestly, it dissipated, something inspired me when I wasn’t looking under rocks or atop mountains. I didn’t see it coming, didn’t even know I was changing until one day when I was nearly finished reading Humanity’s Grace by Dede Montgomery, I decided to purchase a domain and, as writers do, start writing. Something in the mesh of Montgomery’s book, the characters, the plot, touched me and made me ask myself why I’m not more forthright in my writing and why the novel I’m working, on, Branches, is lacking character development. Montgomery’s story was a beautiful, bold revelation of human experience – shared as a person, a community, heck the entire world with so much trust, faith, and honesty I couldn’t help but applaud her efforts and strive to emulate them. The story encouraged me to share because I know in my heart of hearts that I’m holding something back, I even know what it is but can’t figure out how to overcome it.

In one of the first scenes of Branches, Mason Bouchard finds his pregnant wife dead and covered in blood. I know the way I’ve written it falls very short of the true emotions a person would feel in that situation, and since it’s the introductory scene of Mason it colors the way the reader will see him for the remainder of the book. Montgomery’s Humanity’s Grace has helped me gain a few insights on how to better make Mason’s behavior ring true.

You really never know what will inspire you.

A local park in the fall.

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