A New Year

This year I’m looking forward, as many, many millions of people around the world are, to getting out on vacation somewhere! I don’t know where, or when, but I’m hoping it’s soon and I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

Last year Craig and I took a few daycations and in the fall we stayed the weekend in the Bend/Prineville area. We enjoyed seeing the painted hills for the first time, they’re always beautiful and always changing in color according to atmospheric changes such as sunlight, humidity, moisture, etc.

The Painted Hills.

We also walked around the majestic Smith Rock (some people climb – we walked around), and toured the underground lava caves in Redmond. We had a great time. I’m hoping for an end to the pandemic this year. Looking forward to being able to run around unencumbered by masks and/or vaccine conversations.

Smith Rock State Park.
Exploring the caves.

A couple of years ago (Spring 2018), Craig and I were up in Washington State. Just driving you know, seeing the sights, getting lost, etc. We love to do this! We were in our hotel on the last day of our trip and over breakfast I was looking at a map and said “you know, I think if we drove east we could drive through Idaho and into Montana in only a few hours time.

We didn’t take that drive, but it’s on my bucket list.

On that particular Washington State trip we did see Toppenish, a small town which hosts over 75 historic murals, the Yakima Valley (my first time but Craig had worked there before), Zillah, home of the restored teapot shaped gas station built in honor of the teapot dome scandal in 1922 and a touching memorial to local veterans.

Restored teapot gas station roadside museum.
Veteran’s Memorial Park, Zillah Washington.
A mural in Toppenish.
Another one of the many lovely historic murals in Toppenish.

There’s a host of places we didn’t see during our trip, but trust me; they’re on the list. Maybe this year we will jump into our car and head up and over and across three states in one day, or maybe stay in Oregon, which we never tire of. Whatever we decide, it’s going to be better than ever because Craig and I grow better than ever each passing year despite the aches, pains, and occasional bout of cantrememberstuff.

My partner in adventure and yours truly standing in the ghost town of Valsetz Oregon.

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